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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Is there a way of....?

Is there a way of getting moths that rest with their wings closed, to open up in order to identify. I have a carpet of some sort, that simply will not open up. Found it in a Ladies Loo !!!!! on the way back from N Wales and all I know is that it's a nice bright green!!!


  1. Find a small room, cover any water to avoid moths drowning and then release the moth. They normally land and rest with wings open, whereas they seldom open their wings in a pot however long one waits.

  2. I often wish that I had taken an `in situ` pic of a carpet in the trap, as they often close their wings when potted up. Often, as I may not have time to look at the moths, they are they put into the fridge for a day or two and usually the wings remain closed as they are cold.
    When ready, I then robustly tap the moth out onto the surface where I want to photo it, let it rest and warm up, and it will slowly open its wings fully. Then I take a photo, approaching the moth with care as they can be flighty. My last blog (with the cypress carpet had this treatment). If this is done indoors, they will often gravitate to the windows, where they can be re-caught, though I have lost moths even indoors, when they have (eg) gone into crevices that are the domain of spiders.
    I also used to use the above technique and tap out the fridge-cooled moths onto my back door step (where the natural light is better for photography) but some carpets, hook-tips and especially many micros have been flighty and able to escape before I had a chance to photo.