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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Beginner`s Luck

I got round to emailing the ever patient Ian with three moths from the 30th. Two I had correctly identified as Double-striped Pugs. The other one I had thought was a Wainscot of some sort. How wrong I was. It was a faded and tatty Delicate, swept in on the mild Southerlies. Lucky or what????


  1. Excellent record again Jane. I suspect that `beginner`s luck` will extend into next year`s moths at your excellent trapping site at Rhandirmwyn.
    PS - you forgot to mention that you had a 2nd sprawler too!

  2. Yes, excellent - and also you weren't wrong with wainscot as Delicate IS a wainscot (Mythimna species).

  3. I can sense a second, bigger, better Moth trap.........must wait until my husband goes away for a week.

  4. There are 12 previous Carmarthenshire records of Delicate, including 1 from Rhandirmwyn in September 2006. That autumn accounted for 8 of the records, with the remainder being from 2005 and 2015 (2 each). As well as the Rhandirmwyn record the species has been seen at Pwll (4x), Pembrey (3x), Rhydcymerau (3x) and Llansteffan (1x). My home patch in Brechfa is notably absent from that list: I am still awaiting my first home-trapped Delicate on my Carms and Mons home patches :-(