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Saturday, 29 October 2016

What a Difference a Day (Night) Makes

I've put traps out for three successive nights, and before last night the catches were very meagre in spite of seemingly favourable conditions, and I was beginning to loose hope of catching any more moths this year.  Last night, however, there were plenty of moths on the wing.  The only difference I could see from Thursday night was much increased moisture in the air - Thursday night was very dry and there was very little insect activity.

As expected, last night's catch was dominated by November Moth types ( 28 counted and I probably missed some) with a scattering of Common Marbled, Spruce and Grey Pine Carpets.  Following Steve's example I recorded a Dark Chestnut, very distinctively glossy and contrasting with the Chestnut from Tuesday night:

                     Chestnut                                        Dark Chestnut

Others worthy of mention: 2 Large Yellow Underwings and a Flame Shoulder (still around!), FFYs Black Rustic and Oak Nycteoline:

I also caught a Tortricid, pale greyish brown with no distinguishing features:

I guess it's probably Bactra lancealana, but can I be certain?


  1. That looks like Epinotia sordidana: an autumnal Tortricid that I see occasionally here (including one on Thursday night)

  2. Thank you Sam, it looks good from the image in Chris Manley but can I rule out the related species E. caprana and E.solandriana which can be similar, according to S&P?