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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Trapping again at Pwll

I put out two traps once more in the garden last night (8/10) and, whilst there were less moths (numerically and in terms of variety) than the previous night, a few different species were caught such as FFY (for me) large wainscots. Also, there were some repeat catches of certain species, though not of the same individuals, as I`d released most of the previous night`s catch in woodland in the adjacent Millennium Coastal Park well away from my garden so not to `double catch` them.

Above: as with Steve (see his preceding blog) who can resist photographing a Merveille du jour and, like him, I also caught two.

Above: a satellite (note the `satellites` around the `planet` on the wings. This overwintering species re-occurs in the spring.

Above: two l-album wainscots were caught last night in addition to the one caught the previous night.

                            Above: Blair`s shoulder-knot. Only one was caught last night.
Above: I suspect that this individual was a recapture, as Friday night`s rush veneer escaped as I tried to take a close-up.

                                                Above: one of the forms of Acleris hastiana?*
                                                        [*actually A.sparsana - see below].
It`s supposed to be cold with clear skies tonight (Sunday) - so not worth trapping.


  1. Great set and excellent photos Ian, is that the new camera?

  2. No Steve, still the old `toy one`...have n`t got around to even looking at the new one yet, with too much `non-moth` work on.

  3. The Acleris is sparsana (greyish and very broad)

  4. Thanks as always George. I had added a ? as I was n`t sure, but went for the grey form of hastiana. The broadness of sparsana is now obvious after you pointed it out!