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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Not so good at the coast...

It seems that the `inland trappers` had better luck last night (28/10), as I was disappointed with my catch of c.17 spp. with only c.34 individuals in a mains-fed actinic and a MV trap; the weather conditions were good. Yet another cypress carpet (the only `good` moth) suggests that this species has now firmly established itself in and around my Pwll garden and like other trappers, the November moth agg. scored relatively high numbers (12 of the total).
A single presumed Cochylis atricapitana was my only contribution to the `unseasonal moths` theme and a single silver y was the sole migrant.

Above: one of two female large wainscots caught, perched on the intensely-violet berries of Callicarpa. The first of the over-wintering blackcaps (a male) was gorging these berries earlier this week.

                        Above: last night`s cypress carpet, now one of my garden`s specialities.
Above and below: two easy micro-moths for beginners - a twenty-plume Alucita hexadactyla (above) and Carcina quercana (below).

and, the presumed diminutive Cochylis atricapitana - please correct me if wrong (below):

As I`ve left my traps out, I`ll repeat trap tonight and probably on Sunday too.

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