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Thursday, 27 October 2016

More late footman pics...

I include below, almost as a postscript, a couple of photos of that very late footman which was caught at Pwll on Tuesday night. As - whatever species it is - this footman is quite out-of-season, I`ve checked `Atropos Flight Arrivals` but there is no mention anywhere of any current migrant footmen moths. I previously tentatively suggested a buff footman whilst Sam suggests a small four-spotted footman (also see discussion in the `comments` of the previous blog), but I have n`t a clue at present! Perhaps these two photos will further help confirm its i/d.

                     Above: the Pwll footman - length from head to tail is between 16 and 17mm.


  1. I'll go with Buff Footman having looked at other pics on-line, though the wing shape and posture is atypical of the ones I see here (they tend to be square-tipped and with wings held flatter).

  2. Yes, I agree with Sam this has to be Buff. It lacks the dark metallic legs of Four-spotted. Odd record!