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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

If at first you don't succeed.....

.....Well, I tried again last night (Tuesday) with the MV at Cwmllwyd, in the alder grove where tall trees act as a windbreak. This worked very well early in the evening and several moths were seen flying, so out came the net. The tally only reached 23 individuals all night, with a mere 13 species found and only one FFY - November Moth agg. And yet, I rate this as a success, for among those netted was a target species for the site:

 Autumn Green Carpet - first for the season. Awful indoor shot; I took the moth outside in bright sunshine later to capture the delicate colours, whereupon it immediately flew away! The moth was caught as early as 7:50 pm.

 In the trap was its cousin, Red-green Carpet, also first for the season, both species having been recorded during spring after hibernation.

Ypsolopha sequella was only the second one seen here, following one recorded last month.

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  1. Full marks for trying Steve and glad that you had a good result. No one is going to get bumper numbers or great variety of moths at this time of year, unless perhaps a migration event is ongoing.
    In the event, I `copped out` last night and did n`t trap.