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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Easy records on lime trees...

Some recent leaf-mining in and around Llanelli has shown Bucculatrix thoracella to be frequent on street lime trees, even in grotty urban situations. As far as I know, this moth is only (or at least is overwhelmingly) recorded in the south-east of our county but it must be elsewhere, so do try to check your local lime trees before leaf fall. It often occurs on epicormic growths (those twiggy growths on lime trunks).
I`ve also searched for Phyllonorycta plantani, but to no avail. However, George tells me that it occurs at Swansea (only c 12 mls away) and, as many of Llanelli`s London planes are pollards, with all the leafy growth far too high (even for a monkey like me), perhaps I`ll have some luck when the leaves are shed.

Above: part of a lime leaf, showing the small, hook-shaped mine of B. thoracella. It is in the bottom                                                       right-hand `quarter` of the leaf.

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