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Sunday, 9 October 2016

A long way from home

Brought here by the East winds, I assume, from the Marches, or beyond. Somewhat battered, but recognisable. Not listed by Jon in 2006, nor by Sam in 2013 and certainly a first sighting for Cwmllwyd, this moth showed at the MV trap in the "garden" last night:

 Barred Sallow (I believe)!

There's no beech or field maple at Cwmllwyd for larvae to feed on, so they can't breed here.

Two more FFYs were Yellow-line Quakers and these:

Merveilles du Jour.


  1. A really nice - indeed first-class - record Steve, but I don`t think it`s a long way from home. More likely it`s a Carmarthenshire individual, as there have been a few records of this thin-on-the-ground species.

  2. Good to know, Ian - many thanks. We need another update on the definitive list, when you've got a couple of minutes to spare!

  3. There are (from memory) records from Rhandirmwyn, Nat Bot Gdn Wales, Glynhir (? not sure about the latter) and various Glamorgan captures too.

  4. PS...barred sallow is one that I`ve unsuccessfully targeted in the local beech-rich Stradey Woods...I still suspect that it`s there (but uncaught) though. Dusky-lemon sallow is another very scarce species to target (I think that there`s one unsubstantiated but not impossible) old Carms record (per MBGBI). Wych elm (and other elms?) is the food plant.