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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Some news from Rhandirmwyn...a brief note

Jane Hand at Rhandirmwyn reports catching a vestal on 19/9 (along with a red-line quaker) and a merveille du jour accompanied by a flounced chestnut last night (20/9).


  1. Excellent stuff - well done Jane.

  2. Thanks, I will ge my act together and start posting things, but still can't work out how to do it via iPad. Note to self , download pics to the PC and learn!!!!!
    I'm up to 152 species since first setting the trap on 24 May.

  3. That's a great start - well done again!

  4. You did far better than me last night Jane! Keep up the good work - you live in a potentially very productive area for good moths. Keep your traps going in late Oct into November, in the hope of catching a sprawler.