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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Just a quick (fragrant) thought...

Reading of a convolvulus hawk-moth being found on a clothes line at Mumbles recently (blog post by Barry Stewart) and of another similar example in Ceredigion, it made me think whether these hawk-moths are attracted by the fragrances often added to modern washing mixtures or conditioners? It is well-known that the convolvulus hawk-moth is attracted to the highly-fragrant tobacco plant and I wonder what `floral enhancement` was added to the Mumbles washing - some homework for Barry perhaps?


  1. It was Sainsbury's own brand washing powder and the conditioner was Comfort 'Blue Mist'. Good luck with your washing line!

  2. Thanks Barry for your research. We`ll have to await the next influx to try it out!

  3. Why wait, Ian? Surely some of the last influx are still around, or do they turn round and go back once the wind changes? I might soak a rag with conditioner and hang it on the line this evening. Trouble is, though, it's Tesco's own brand here!
    P.S it's a southerly wind here this morning.