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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cwmllwyd 6 September 2016

191 moths was a good count last night at Cwmllwyd, but a quarter (49) of them were Brimstone Moths, most of which were outside the MV trap. There were also 17x Silver Ys which helped bulk up the total. Several common species were FFYs: Spruce Carpet x2, Dusky Thorn x7, Autumnal Rustic x2, Frosted Orange x2, Centre-barred Sallow x5 and Angle Shades x2. There were micromoth FFYs, too: Honeysuckle Moth and Eudonia angustea, along with two species new to me:

 Light Brown Apple Moth - all the way from the Land of Oz!

 Agriphila latistria - very pleased with that one.

 Among the larger moths was this Ear Moth sp. the third one here this year.

 There were 4x Feathered Gothic, too.

Autumnal Rustic, mentioned above.

Edit: a slightly better picture of A. latistria - see how neatly I've painted that stripe on its side!


  1. Some nice moths there. I've never had 49 Brimstone or 17 Silver Y. Well done.

  2. Well done on the A.latistria, Steve, a work of art indeed. If your paintbrush had slipped you would have ended up with a different species! Shows how careful one has to be with such things.