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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Black and white

Like Ian's garden record, Black Rustic was a FFY at Cwmllwyd last night.

It was rather too windy, I thought, so I put the MV trap among the trees in the alder grove which reduced the disturbance locally. There were 32 species logged: other FFYs were Copper Underwing, Sallow and Lesser Yellow Underwing.

Moth of the night (a first for me) was a very pretty micro:

 Ypsolopha sequella

Said to be common, but only one noted for Carms in Sam's 2013 list and none at all in JB's 2006 report. So common, or uncommon here - does anyone know?


  1. I've just found Ian's record of Y.sequella from 25 August 2015 - beat me to it, Ian!

  2. And another record from Ian - 4 October 2013!

  3. ...and another again earlier this year too! It is an attractive (and thankfully easy to i/d) moth.

  4. PS...nice pics of it too...better than my previous `test-tube photos`!