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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beat the Rain..

...but only just, I closed the two actinic overnight traps down at about 6am and the rain started at 6.30.
A modest catch , most of them the usual seasonal suspects, FFYs Spruce Carpet and Sallow:

Two noteworthy micros though, Acleris emargana, which I haven't seen for a while, and one I can't recall catching before, Hypatima rhomboidella:

I'm still deliberating over two mini-micros referred to in a previous blog, help would be appreciated.

                                              Mini-micro A

                                               Mini-micro B

My initial thoughts were that these are Elachista species, B most likely E. canapennella,  A is smaller, but nonetheless could A = B?


  1. Good effort Chris. To get the ball moving - and bear in mind I could well be wrong - is `micro-moth B` a very worn Cedestis subfasciella? As always, best to await Sam`s or other more learned opinion.
    No signs of the `sallow gang` with me yet...I must get a bit more organised and do some trapping!

  2. PS. I too had Hypatima rhomboidella last night and, like you, it was my first. Your i/d has `short-cutted` my attempt to identify my specimen...thanks!

  3. I think both those minis are Elachista rather than Cedestis or anything else more interesting. I can't make them into Cosmiotes, and would have recorded/ignored both as the semi-default E canapenella.

    1. Yes, on reflection I've had these LGJs (little grey jobs) before. The dilemma is: whether to record or ignore!

  4. Yes, thanks Sam. The ol` E canapenella crops up again!
    The weather mid-week looks good...warm S winds.