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Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Visitor...

Yesterday evening (11/9), I alerted several of the more active Carmarthenshire moth trappers of the strong southerly winds, suggesting that they put out their traps in the hope of catching one of the migrant species that have been turning up in southern England. I`m pleased to say that I `scored` last night, when I saw the big, grey shape of a convolvulus hawk-moth resting inside my roof-top mains actinic at about 10.30pm.
Otherwise, the three traps (mains roof-top actinic, MV in mid-garden and a battery-fed actinic in trees at the very bottom of the garden) had surprisingly few moths - in fact hardly any numerically. A single silver y, one dark sword-grass and two rush veneers represented the migrants and, of the resident species, only a wax moth, a large ranunculus and another shore wainscot were slightly noteworthy.

Above: various shots of last night`s convolvulus hawk-moth. The last photo also has a large ranunculus to give an indication of the hawk-moth`s size.


  1. There`s also strong southerlies tonight (Mon), the last chance before the winds become NW`y thereafter. I suggest that it`ll certainly be worth trapping tonight too. Perhaps not many moths will be in your trap - but there could be that `good one`. If `you don`t try, you don`t get`, as they say.

  2. Well done Ian, a great moth, you must be delighted with it - I remember the feeling from this time last year! I didn't brave the wind and rain last night but may well put traps out tonight whatever the weather, being the anniversary of Moth Night 3, even though lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place!

  3. Excellent moth and just reward for your efforts - very well done, Ian.

    Only ever seen two Convolvulus Hawks: one at Cwmllwyd ten years ago and one on the Isle of Sheppey in the Thames estuary in 1992, when a friend ran one over with a lawn mover, but spotted the wings lying on the sward!

  4. Thanks Gents. About time that one of the blighters turned up for me - I`ve been waiting a long time to actually trap one myself (though I`ve seen ones caught etc by others).

  5. I suspect it will be like buses Ian...

  6. Lucky you Ian, all I had last night was a Setaceous HC, 2 Light Brown Apple, a Brown House and 4Wasps. It was very gusty here.