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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Yellow Underwing Fever

Saturday night fever was all about Large Yellow Underwings here, a total of 45 were recorded from the two traps, but a good few others sneaked past the Recorder's pencil.  There were a few other moths around though, notable amongst them FFYs Dark Sword-grass and Pale Mottled Willow:

Few micros turned up, but those that did were interesting (to me!)  I think that the sit-up-and-beg one is a Gracillariid, Aspilapteryx tringipennella.  I can't name the dark grey one, but it looks like a Tineid.  Perhaps some kind person would help me there:

Another Agonopterix dilemma has surfaced.  I've not seen this one before, but the striated wing pattern would seem to reduce the number of options, A.nervosa perhaps?

Not the moth itself, but what look like larval cases on the seed heads of rushes, quite a lot of them in the garden, presumably a Coleoptera species.  Is it possible to identify the species from the cases?


  1. The dark one is Prays - presumably ruficeps as it is so dark and has a red head.

  2. I think the Agonopterix is A umbellana - not too hook-tipped, and with dark lines on the thorax.

    The Juncus thingies are Coleophora, but there are 2 on Juncus effusus/conglomeratus without seed cases and they need more detailed checking to ID (looking at thoracic plates from memory).

    More info on Prays ruficeps is given on Steve's later Blog post.

  3. Thanks Sam, the A. umbellana looks a good bet to me.

  4. I was working up in Ynysdawela Nature park today in Upper Brynamman and the rush flowers in the field were covered with these larval cases. Isabel