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Friday, 12 August 2016

Mompha terminella

We've been clearing Indian Balsam from around the blackthorn suckers at Cwmduhen farm (SN339214) today, to improve the habitat for Brown Hairstreak.

On the walk into the site I noticed some distinctive Catherine wheel mines of Mompha terminella on Enchanter's Nightshade. The Carms moth list on the blog shows only two records for the county, but doubtless it is under-recorded - one to look out for. There is another moth species on the same plant, Mompha langiella, but that makes a more typical, irregular leaf mine.

Mompha terminella mine


  1. I`ve seen that in the past, without realising what it was! Thanks for the tip-off.

  2. I think there have only been 2 additional records, George: I caught an adult in W Carms in 2015 and Chris Manley had one (somewhere, I can't recall where) earlier this year. I'm sure it is overlooked, but it is still mighty sparse! I have rarely seen the mines in Wales.

  3. I`ve certainly seen this mine whilst looking for rusts on Circaea but stupidly dismissed it as a fungal infection! I can`t remember where, though.