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Monday, 29 August 2016

Maenol's Vestal

I've been wondering whether the Vestal might get as far as me, and sure enough one visited the MV trap last night.

Otherwise there was nothing else of much note, Feathered Gothic, Ear sp., Dusky Thorn, Oblique Carpet and Centre-barred Sallow being the pick of the rest.  Two mini-micros are still under review, proving a serious photographic challenge, and another large Scoparid (fw 11mm) is making me think Eudonia truncicolella again:

Also providing a puzzle is a micro (tortricid)  from Saturday night, predominantly grey/white but with a triangular darker patch centre back and darker areas along the costal fold:

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


  1. Re the vestal: great one, that it brought a smile to your face. Looks as if it`s pointing north in your pic too!

  2. Actually it was facing south when I found it Ian! Very nearly missed it, clinging to the bottom of the leg of the patio table which had the trap on it. I had a last look around with the lamp before going back to bed circa 0600hrs and spotted it. Lots of moths must get overlooked on this sort of occasion in poor light and with failing eyesight, but one does one's best!

  3. I nearly missed the cream-bordered green pea the other night too - it was outside the trap box and I only saw it when I was about to bang the box to dislodge the remaining common occupants. Several of my `good` moths have been outside the box/trap and it`s a good idea to place egg cartons also around the box, and not just within.
    I agree to with your comment re missed moths with poor light, bleary eyes and a brain working on three cells at unearthly, early hours.
    I wonder what your tort is? I`ve had a quick look too, but failed...we`ll wait for better moth experts to advise us.

  4. By coincidence, the Cnwc Vestal was almost the last moth I spotted: after Id packed up it fluttered across from wherever it had been hiding. I always spend as long on the surrounds (before and after) as on the trap itself.

    Epinotia signatana would be my first check on that Tort. No book checked though.

  5. A few weeks first (only) leopard moth was hiding beside a piece of wood that props up my roof-top trap (and was almost missed) and a small chocolate-tip (again my only one) was the very last, and again nearly missed, moth in an otherwise `lousy trap`.
    I`ve got a garden trap out tonight, as it`s supposed to cloud-over after midnight. Hopefully the `moth gods` are smiling on me...

  6. ...with a book, seems that you could be on the right track!

  7. Thanks both, I'll check tomorrow (it's 22.39). Just been outside, lots of moths out there but my trap isn't. Perhaps tomorrow night...

  8. If your catch had been like mine last night (Mon) Chris, you would n`t have missed much...a pretty boring selection in fact that I did n`t even bother to list. So, you made the right decision.
    Actually, tonight (Tues) looks a bit better...