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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Llansteffan moths

I trapped on the 23rd at home and had some immigrants, best of was a Vestal. I caught this moth last year for the first time and got quite excited.
This next moth I think is a Cypress Pug but correct me if it's not!
Loads still to go through.

Last night promised to be warm, so I trapped at my alternative site, with two MV's out I was quite hopeful of lots of goodies. I was up early enough but mid morning I got pushed for time and started to rush through the last trap.
The immigrants again were plentyful with 2x Udea ferrugalis, 12x Silver Y. Over 70 species and still more to i/d.
Best moth again is my 3rd Cream-bordered Green Pea this year. This is from my second site so the other two were from my home trap, a mile apart.

Anyway I am trying to i/d this next moth and morphing it into a Portland (it was long) I'll be told off for saying that, as I should be more specific but it got away from me and I only had a few pics of it before it disappeared, and I never got to measure it.

Many thanks


  1. Stunning moths, Mel. Great work.

  2. Looks like a bright Small Mottled Willow - green with envy over your peas

  3. Many thank, it didn't look quite right but I was in the right place for it.

  4. Great records`ve pinched all my peas this year! Not had one yet. Your migrants (vestal and small mottled willow) are nice records too, as is the cypress pug (?3rd Carms site, the others being Pwll and Burry Port).
    I was wondering the other day if you were trapping recently and, hey presto!...

  5. I've trapped a lot but not had time to blog, if I didn't work life would be easier! I caught a moth that looks like a pearly underwing, so I must get someone to i/d it before I forget. Lots of micro's in the fridge for looking at. It will be winter before I catch up!