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Friday, 26 August 2016

`Keeping up with the Joneses` (well, not quite!)...

Following on from Mel`s vestal at Llansteffan, I too caught one at Pwll last night (25/8) and it was accompanied by a single rush veneer to represent the migrant moths.

Ypsolopha sequella, a moth that I`ve had at Pwll several times before, was probably `best of the rest`; it is said to feed on sycamore and maple and the former tree is certainly common locally.


  1. I wonder where that saying comes from!

  2. Oh, that`s easy to answer. There`s this woman down Llansteffan who catches good moths, and the rest of us try to keep up with her.

  3. There's a nice little influx of Vestals going on at the moment: I had 3 in Monmouthshire overnight and plenty are being reported in SW England. Well worth trapping, everyone!!