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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ffos Las moths and butterflies

For a variety of personal reasons I haven't been able to download the photos from my big camera since mid June so here are some very out of date sightings of moths and butterflies from Ffos Las. It has bean a dreadful summer so far as far as the butterflies are concerned with numbers much lower than in previous years and some species such as wall brown not seen at all when they have been seen regularly in previous years.

An unusually marked burnet moth which I would assume to be an aberrant 5-spot as that is the species usually seen on Ffos Las, 16th June
Silver-Y, 17th June
Mother Shipton, 22nd June
Brown China-Mark, 22nd June
Is this a rather faded small dusty wave? 13th July. (Edit: possible engrailed, see comments below.)
Only a very few marbled whites seen this year. This individual, 13th July
I think that this is a July Highflyer which I rescued from my greenhouse, 13th July
Help please! 5th August (Edit: possible shaded broad-bar, see comments below.)
Shaded Broad-bar, 7th August
Is this Agriphilia tristella? 13th August
Odonata numbers are also well down this year, also with some species seen in previous years not seen this year.
Golden ringed dragonfly consuming an unfortunate honey bee, 7th August
A pair of black-tail skimmers, 13th July
I know that none of the photos posted are of uncommon species, but all the moths were seen during the day and not caught in traps. As usual all corrections and identifications would be much appreciated.



  1. Your `small dusty wave` of 13/7 looks like a Brussels lace, whilst the badly worn/faded moth (`help please` of 5/8) MAY just be the next one pictured (shaded broad-bar).Perhaps going through the book trying to match up the faded patterns may give an answer.
    Nice to see you back on the blog, Maggie.

  2. Far be it for me to disagree with Mr Morgan but I think your "small dusty wave" is an Engrailed. (I always look out for the little face on the thorax!)
    I have been missing your delightful posts which are always such a pleasure to read.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. It is hard enough trying to identify moths from photos and pictures in a book but it is doubly hard when they are faded! I think Ian is probably right about the shaded broad bar but, in my very amateur opinion, I'd probably agree with Rosemary about the engrailed. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

  4. Is the Agriphilia tristella correct?

  5. The tristella looks fine, and the 'Wave' is Engrailed/Small Engrailed as Rosemary suggests.

  6. Thanks Rosemary/Maggie - now I`m seeing these comments. I actually did consider engrailed but, incorrectly, went for the Brussels lace (on the basis of the shape of some curvy cross-lines if I remember correctly). But I was wrong!