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Monday, 15 August 2016

Devon Carpet?

I am staying with our friends near Llandeillo. This was in the trap this morning. Is it Devon Carpet. I have run out of other ideas. Thanks Liz Goodyear


  1. Well done Liz, that is a Devon Carpet! By the way, it can be very useful to give the size (wing length) of a moth as an aid to identification from a photograph. In this case, Water Carpet may have caused confusion, but is quite a bit larger. I don't have any doubt that your ID is correct, however.

  2. Thanks, something very new for me! Apologies for the lack of size, sent in haste this morning and no ruler. I should have said the same size as Small Phoenix! Water Carpet had been my first identification but the size was wrong as was the flight period. This was a pristine individual.