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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cwmllwyd 24 August 2016

The MV trap in the garden attracted 163 moths of 42 species last night. Like Chris H, I found a superabundance of Large Yellow Underwings - 41 of them, which I reckon is about 40 too many! Notwithstanding this, however, there were some quite interesting moths present, including a shocking pink example of a species only seen here once before;

 Neglected Rustic.

 It was good to see this Orchard Ermine, too,

 as well as another Ear Moth sp.

 Hedge Rustic (x2); not all that common here.

There were singles of Oblique, Devon and Blue-bordered Carpets, Sharp-angled Peacock and Bordered Beauty, while Rosy Rustic (x2) was another FFY.

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  1. The moths in your photos have survived the LYU bombardment in the trap far better than mine, Steve, they look less 'moth-eaten' anyway (forgive the pun!). Your selection is more interesting than mine, too, those are species I would like to have seen yesterday morning but didn't - although I did get an Orchard Ermine and several Rosy Rustics.