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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Cwmllwyd 13 August 2016

47 species turned up at the MV trap last night, mostly common macros, although a couple of Oblique Carpets and two more Blue-bordered Carpets were good to see. Pick of the bunch was this 'ere Ear Moth sp., who's full identity will remain a mystery. Here are two views of the same individual.

There were a few micros, too, including this rather fine Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix,

a first for me (even though said to be a common moth) was this Carcina quercana,

and another common moth, The Tortricid Epinotia nisella f. decorana.


  1. That's a nice selection Steve, excellent photos too. I particularly like your Ear, I usually get one Ear a year 'ere, very mystearious, this year's came a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Thanks, Chris. You're a bit of a wizard with micros: I've posted an awful photo of another from 13th August and would welcome your ID!