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Friday, 12 August 2016

Another mine...

After visiting an ill friend at hospital this afternoon, I popped over to the nearby Dafen Pond for a spot of recording (beating and bashing bushes, sweeping and generally looking out). I made a few records including Argyresthia goedartella beaten from alder and a tiny attractive Phyllonorycter (to be looked at later).
I also noted the mines shown below on a yellow-fruited Sorbus sp. (not our native S. aucuparia)... which moth please - Stigmella or Lyonetia perhaps? The mines are to the bottom right and to the left of the berries.

It`s amazing how the blog has come alive today after a quiet spell - mainly thanks to newcomers Adam Dare and Jane Hand. Talking of newcomers, sadly Rob Werran (who trapped at WWT Penclacwydd) has now left the county after a year`s secondment to WWT. We thank him for his valued efforts at moth recording and wish him well - in our county, every recorder counts!


  1. Those are Lyonetia clerkella mines. The Stigmella mines on rowan would be shorter and a bit broader.