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Sunday, 28 August 2016

A good haul at Cnwc

The MV at Cnwc did pretty well last night, with 51 spp of Macro and 21 spp of Micro, including 40 each of Brimstone and Large YU.  Highlight was Orthopygia (Hypsopygia) glaucinalis new for Cnwc; this was recorded new for Carms last year, with a couple of records.  I was also pleased to get in on the Vestal influx, with a pink-striped individual.

Various other macros were nice to see: 10 Peach Blossom, 2 Dark Marbled Carpet (with 4 Common Marbled), 1 Phoenix, 1 Bordered Beauty, 2 White-spotted Pug, 1 Devon Carpet, 1 Satin Beauty, 1 Small Rufous, 2 Hedge Rustic, 2 Feathered Gothic, 1 small Rosy Footman, 1 Common Footman, 1 Chinese Character.

 Among the Micros were 2 Ringed Chinamark, 1 Water Veneer, 1 Prays ruficeps, 1 Epinotia ramella, 1 Mompha raschkiella and 1 Dioryctria abietella.

All in all, a worthwhile night.

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