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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

70 minutes in the wetland

Last night's session in the wetland at Cwmllwyd was an experiment to test out a new equipment configuration that will (hopefully) enable me to use a 125 watt MV lamp, driven by a generator, on yomps quite high on the mountain. Everything has to be carried up at dusk and then back down in the dark and I'm not too happy trying this without a free hand for a decent trekking pole! With the generator in the other hand, all the other kit, therefore, including the trap and its control box, has to be carried in a backpack. I've worked out a system that may (!) work and I decided to try it last night. As this was only a test, I was not going to spend much time on it: I switched on the trap at 22:00 and by 23:10 I had used up the few pots I had with me. Even such a brief session was worthwhile, however, for I netted a few good moths. I had no fewer than seven Devon Carpets, as well as other wetland specialities;

 Double Kidney

 Orthotelia sparganella again,

also among the micros was this tricky one - could it be a Cnephasia sp.?

Edit: another shot of the same moth.


  1. Good effort, Steve. I used to do a similar yomp with rucksac and generator, plus a big chain so I could leave the genny running all night in one of the local woods. The results were good but it was hard work.

    Please can you take some other angles of that Tort - it lookins interesting. Thanks.

  2. Yes, well done Steve. As I said before, you need to get a mule like the Chindits used in the jungle!

  3. Many thanks, Sam. I've posted another photo of the tricky Tort on the original blog - no chance of any more, though, for the bird has flown!

    My generator will not run all night; I will have to stay with it, so I will pack up at about 02:00. Any thieves will have to take it over my dead body. This is entirely possible up on the mountain! I'm far too old for this lark (69 in October)!