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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

WWT Llanelli unknowns

Really good numbers in the trap this morning, most were IDable but a couple I'm stumped on or wanted to check.

This one I have really struggled with, annoying as it's quite distinctive! To my eye some of the closest matches have been the rarer ones so am not trusting myself, help with this one would be great!

See `Comments` discussion below - the photo below is a Webb`s wainscot that I caught last night at Machynys, just E of Rob`s WWT Penclacwydd site. This species is well-known from SE of Llanelli:

Is this one a Brussels Lace?

Oak Nycteoline?

Cheers as always for any help


  1. The first two (the same) are bulrush wainscot, a male. The others are correct - well done. Excellent that you re-trapped last night too - the weather was perfect...but it`s changed for the worse in last hour or so - cool and windy.
    Keep up the good work, Rob - try placing the trap so that it overlooks the saltmarsh...could be good stuff there - rare crambids, rosy wave etc, moths that Barry had in the past.

  2. I think it might be Webbs rather than Bulrush, but I'm not great with wainscots - Barry is the man for these!

  3. On wing shape it does look like Webb`s George and, with difficulty, you can just make out a bit of a kidney shape so I`d settle for Webb`s. I caught a bulrush/Webb`s last night too - not far from Rob`s...will check my photo now.

  4. Thanks for the help, great to have an ID on the wainscot. Out of interest,would you say this is a poorly marked Webbs wainscot? I don't have my book to hand but couldn't make out markings on the moth? I would love to trap over the marsh but am unfortunately limited by not having a power supply, I currently plug into a mains socket on the reserve. Still keeping me busy each morning though!

  5. There`s no socket in the visitors centre part which overlooks over estuary?
    With the Webb`s it was the dark streak that initially misled me, hiding the kidney mark (which is faint anyway). The wing shape is more `squarish` in Webb`s. The hind wings are always useful to check - can make i/d easier. There`s a whole range of wetland wainscots in SS59 - bulrush, Webb`s, silky, brown-veined, obscure, the area is rich in wetland habitat, even before the WWT came there..

  6. I'll double check but I don't think it's possible to keep any windows open for the lead. I will double check as I would love to trap over the marsh. Thanks for the ID tips, I'll look them all up and know for next time! Cheers