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Monday, 18 July 2016

They`re back!

I have just returned from setting out three `away-from-home` actinics - one at the edge of a small river/willow carr, the second in an area of reeds and other fen vegetation and the third at a small brownfield site, all on the seaward edge in front of Pwll. For the last two sites, I noticed that I was `kicking up` some small micros, but I only stopped to look after the traps had been all set up.
The micro - of which I saw c 25+ - was our old `friend` the diamond-back moth, either as fresh migrants or the progeny of the recent invasion.
I`ve also got a couple of traps in the garden, so it looks as if it`s another early start...that`s the trouble with good mothing weather.

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