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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The good times interim note.

It was a good night last night (19/7) too with even the repetitive drudgery of home trapping being enlivened by some new species, whilst the `away from home` trapping was excellent on the micro front, even though a 4.00am start was needed today (as I need to resume my long `to do` list).

Above: new for me (and obviously my garden trap) was this leopard moth, a species that I`ve long suspected to occur in local woodland.

A half-hour spent dusking on the saltmarsh at North Dock, Llanelli resulted in lots of the scarce Gynnidomorpha vectisana being seen around plants of sea arrowgrass - they were easy to net, but so active, they were difficult to `tube up`. Photos will follow over the next few days.

Two actinics were set out at a brownfield site at Machynys, right next to the busy B4304, a location that has yielded some really good daytime micro records. Last night`s trapping did n`t disappoint, with a real haul of micros in the perfect trapping conditions. My third mobile trap was n`t set up, due to lack of time.
       Above: one of the two brownfield trap sites, with the main road just over the bank.
Above: `to do` - the (mostly) micros to check and photo from Machynys, with a few (known) interesting macros to also photograph. Hopefully, I`ll make a start on these this evening. There`s some interesting stuff in these tubes.

Must go...thankfully cooler today, so I can resume some outdoor tasks. Will blog some results in due course, but may be delayed due to a backlog of moths. If the weather is good, I`ll try to trap tonight too.

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