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Saturday, 23 July 2016


I set the trap at my parents smallholding last night for the first time for a while. The skies cleared so it wasn't as warm as it has been but there was still plenty of moths to keep me occupied. 370(ish) moths of 82(ish) species was my best of the year I think with the trap (and surroundings) dominated by 70+ dingy footmen...

Highlights for me were a couple of dark spectacles (plus a regular for comparison), 11 magpies, brussels lace, oak hook-tip, gold spangle, small rufous, lychnis, bordered beauty, FFY of six-striped rustic and antler and migrants in the shape of a couple of silver Y and a diamond-back.

Other nice moths were chevron, beautiful and plain golden y, prominents in the shape of iron, coxcomb, lesser swallow and pebble, large emeralds are always nice to see as are buff-tip, buff arches and burnished brass...

Micros were in fairly sparse numbers but they were represented by Carcina quercana (which refused to pose for a photo), Evergestis pallidata, Eucosma cana, Agriphila tristella, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Udea prunalis, Udea olivalis, Celypha lacunana, Agapeta hamana, mother-of-pearl and a couple of Cnephasia and Bactra sp. There was also this grotty individual - would anyone like to attempt an id please?? Epinotia?

The only non-moths of interest were one Cixius nervosus and this rather handsome caddisfly which I believe is Athripsodes bilineatus.


  1. Outstanding result, Vaughn. Proper moff job!

  2. I`ll be interested to hear what your `grotty` one is, as I`ve got one exactly the same as `unidentified`.