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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pontyberem. 2nd July

Cat-sitting for my daughter in Pontyberem last night so took the opportunity to run a couple of traps in the garden. Calm and cool, 9C in the morning.
68 species in all. Half a dozen Eudonia delunella were very striking, presumably from the numerous old oaks nearby. Nice to see a fresh Garden Tiger, and a couple of Double Line. Star of the show, for me, though was this Mompha terminella. I'd not seen it until 10 days ago when it was the first adult for Glamorgan, and now another one! Anyone know its status in Carmarthen? I've kept it for now and will try for a better, non egg box, shot tomorrow.

Mompha terminella 4mm


  1. Just two other records in Carms Chris (last in 2011), according to Sam`s 2013 list (on R-hand side of this blog page). A good record - carrying on trapping at Pontyberem!

  2. I netted one last summer near Llanboidy (in the far west), prior to which there were records from Nant-y-Clun (far north-east) and Whitland (far west). Your record is the first from SE Carms and the 2nd county record of an imago. Very nice!

  3. PS your photo is much better than mine -

  4. Thanks Sam. Seems a fairly scarce moth but possibly rather under-recorded as I've now had 2 recently, 20 miles apart. I'll put another photo up as it's a very smart little beast.