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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Only the home trap...

Only the home trap was put out last night (11/7) and there was the usual July assemblage of moths with nothing particularly special. There were some FFYs such as magpie and four-spotted footman among the array of typical Pwll moths.

              Above: female four-spotted footman, a regular late summer species in my garden.
                                                          Above: a FFY magpie.
                                              Above: the green form of the July highflyer.
Above: the pyralid Endotrichia flammealis. Several pyralids can be flighty blighters, rapidly flying off without any provocation, so it is always wise to photograph them straight away, before attempting to put them onto a more photogenic background. Indeed, this one did fly off when I tried to move it.
Above: what`s the rush?...those pyralids need to chill out! This is `Mr Relaxation`, a male clay. Note the black triangle on the underside of the upper abdomen, a handy `quick i/d` for the males.
                                               Above: the same clay moth from above.
                                   Above: last and the least in size - Agonopterix angelicella.


  1. FFY = `first for year` ie my first sighting of that species this year.

  2. Thankyou, still a steep learning curve.