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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Not too bad up here,either.

At Cwmllwyd last night, the MV attracted a goodly number of moths: 58 species have so far been identified, including 11 micros - 173 moths all told and I've still got a few to do. It's taken all day! There were 16 FFYs, pick of the bunch being;

 Lilac Beauty

 Blue-bordered Carpet

 Eudonia delunella

Phlyctaenia stachydalis

I still have a couple of problem species for which I will beg for your expert opinion in a separate post.


  1. Good stuff Steve. If you`re up to it, I`d try the trap again tonight as things could be on the move with these strong SE winds. I won`t be going through/listing my `regulars` tomorrow morning, just the quicker task of looking for something different. I only had P.stachydalis for the first time this year - it used to be one of Jon Baker`s specialities at his late parents` home north of Carmarthen.

  2. ...and, I forgot to say, some top-notch pics there Steve. I`m sure that one or two will adorn the next annual summary! Lilac beauty, with its distinctive odd wing folds is a moth that I`ve only seen c 3 times.

  3. And it's Jon's photo of Phlyctaenia (formerly Anania) stachydalis that illustrates the species on the UK Moths website.

  4. That was a nice haul Steve, I'm jealous of your Lilac Beauty, an occasional visitor here but not this year so far.

  5. Lilac Beauty was a first for me, Chris - pleased with that.