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Friday, 22 July 2016

Not a Fluke

Perhaps it's a little too soon to be sure, but it seems very likely that there's a breeding population of V-Moths hereabouts.  This one turned up in the trap this morning, very close to the anniversary of the first one last year (23/07/15):

The reappearance of this moth, together with that of the Cloaked Carpet, were my two main hopes for this month.  Anything else from now on is a bonus!

The only other arrival worthy of note this morning was a pug:

I'm thinking Wormwood Pug (large size, large discal spot, black abdominal band) but I would be grateful for confirmation please.


  1. That`s really good news. Now you`ll have to expand your red and blackcurrant cultivation!

  2. Yes Ian, I'll get some more planted this Autumn. Ironically though, the currant crop has been poor this year.

  3. The local blackbird pair get my crop Chris and I`ve given up trying to stop them. I originally planted the the bushes in the hope of attracting currant clearwings, but no luck.