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Monday, 18 July 2016

No Disappointment Here...

Far from it, I have been expecting Cloaked Carpet to appear at this time of year and was not disappointed this morning, there were two of them in the small actinic trap:

Others of interest were:

Beautiful China-mark

Buff Footman - or is it Common Footman?
The orange thorax suggests the former

It's Yponomeutid time!  Orchard, Apple or Spindle?  I've yet to make up my mind.

Finally two more micros:

                Eucosma sp. ?                               Acrobasis advenella


  1. Your footman looks like a male four-spotted footman, and probably new for Maenol. Well done.

  2. Thanks Ian, I did think of that possibility but couldn't find an image of 4-sf that showed a broad orange band at the termen. Yes I think if that's right it would be a first for Maenol. I hope that someone might have a thought about the Eucosma!

  3. It`s a buff footman (Sam has det.). Also see discussion under my `bumper moths`blog.