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Friday, 29 July 2016

More from the Garden

Yesterday a brown micro, perched on a Lady's Mantle leaf, obligingly made its way into a tube that I happened to be carrying.  Not brilliant photography, but hopefully good enough:

I suspect that it's the gelechiid Bryotropha terrella, but confirmation (or denial) would be welcome.

This colourful caterpillar was found on the leaf of a Hazel tree close to my potting shed yesterday:

I suspect that it's a Grey Dagger larva, and if so it's of some significance because I have found fresh-looking Dagger moths resting on the shed on several occasions in the past.  This may provide a good indication of the identity of any such moths found there in future.  Question: is it justifiable to draw this conclusion from two independent events?

Fairly close to the caterpillar, on a Rose leaf, was this freshly-emerged Garden Rose Tortrix:

I shall be scouring the garden for more surprises this afternoon - and may well put a trap or two out tonight.

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