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Monday, 4 July 2016

Maenol Monday Morning

Two actinic traps, small and large, were used last night, but the sky was clear and the temperature low, as was the expectation on opening the traps this morning.  Sure enough, the catch was small and not very exciting: singles of Dark Arches, Large Yellow Underwing, Buff-tip, Flame Shoulder and Common Carpet; Double Dart x5; and - Uncertain/Rustic x6 - it's that season again!

Here are two of the blighters.  I remember that last year I spent a great deal of time trying to distinguish between these two species, with constant reference to the Guide link on the blog, but I was never very confident about the outcome and may well have got it wrong as often as not.  This year I'm tempted to save myself the time and effort and record them all as 'Uncertain/Rustic'.

It looks as though the Double Darts may be arriving in fair numbers, as they did last year.

Please can someone help me with this Tortricid.  Is it Notocelia roborana?  I found it on a window inside the bungalow yesterday.

Magnified images of Notocelia sp.:


  1. ...or N. rosaecolana perhaps? but best to await more learned opinion.
    My (home) traps were pretty lack-lustre last night - just the usuals and nothing mention-worthy. Great to see all those double darts Chris.

  2. Yes Ian, there must be something about this locality that's favourable for the DDs to thrive here.

  3. I'm not confident of receiving more learned opinions! Steve favours N.rosaecolana but the distinction between that sp. and roborana seems a bit uncertain and my images may not be good enough to be sure. I'll add some magnified images in case they help.

  4. After consulting more images and text I'm happy that it's most likely to be N. rosaecolana, so unless someone comes up with a contrary view I shall record it as such.