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Friday, 22 July 2016

Machynys Micros - part 3

Some more photos from Tuesday (19/7):

Above: Syncopacma sp. I`ve already bumped this one off, as I recall that you need to check the underwing pattern (or similar) to det. it to species
                           Above: Mompha ochracella, associated with greater willowherb.
                            Above: I`m unsure of this one. Is it Cochylidia rupicola perhaps?
                                          Above: another problem specimen. Suggestions?
Above: likewise, which one is this Pammene - populana? I caught this both at Machynys and at my Pwll home trap on Tuesday night. I`ve had it confirmed by Sam from a specimen at the latter site in 2015.
Above: another micro that was about on Tuesday night. It looks like a cork moth Nemapogon cloacella to me.

That`s it for now. As remarked previously, I`ve still got some micros from Machynys to check (or re-check) but I`ll blog if anything interesting turns up.
It looks ok`ish for trapping tonight, but I`ll be having a rest - good luck to anyone who traps.


  1. The last one looks like a Cork Moth to me Ian, much the same as the one I had a little while back and you confirmed for me, perhaps I could return the favour! Fourth down looks like a Cochylid with its piggy nose and diagonal cross band, but I wouldn't like to say which one.

  2. Thanks Steve. I remembered that either you or Chris had a cork moth some time back.
    Yes, I`d got to a cochylid for no4 - I was thinking that it might be Cochylidia rupicola (which feeds on hemp agrimony, a plant that was present at the trap site) but I`m not sure.

  3. I'm wondering whether Aethes cnicana or A. rubicana might be a possibility for the Cochylid, they seem to have the same narrow cross-band as yours, wider in Cochylidia rupicola.

  4. Thanks Chris - I`ll look into it...and apologies for calling you Steve above. I rush through the blog so quickly sometimes, hence the mistake(s)!