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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Llansteffan moths

This maybe a long blog for me,  as I need some i/d help and I wanted to post photo's of some stuff I've caught recently. These are all from the 14th July from my alternative regular site, I am still catching up with records from more recent traps so I will need to blog for help again.
I'll put all the ones I need help with first.

Moth 1

Moth 1 side view. Could be Acrobasis?

Moth 2 Don't know?

Moth 3 Don't know as it was so dark. Smaller than Common Marbled

Moth 4 Pass!

Moth 5?

These next lot I think I'm sure about but please correct if I'm wrong.
Moth 6 Argyresthia goedartella

Moth 7 Aethes rubigana 

Moth 8 Catoptria pinella

Moth 9 Argolamprotes micella I had 2 on 14th & 8 on 19th

Moth 10
Coleophora lineolea
Many thanks


  1. The A. micella is superb Mel - one of your Llansteffan specialities.
    The Acrobasis looks like advenella and I suggest a worn dingy shears for your noctuid.

  2. I don't think the noctuid is plain enough for Dingy shears. Looks like Clouded Brindle.

    July Highflyer for the geo and 5 looks like a worn Phtheochroa inopiana.

  3. Yes, the unworn head area looks more like clouded brindle, as well as the background `brown-ness`.

  4. Thanks both. I did get a few July Highflyers of various shades so it would make sense.

  5. The Coleo is best left unidentified: the Fieldguides selection has led to a lot of records of lineola but there are many lookalikes.