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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Llansteffan  Monday 25th

A   catch of  49 moths of 31 species last night.  The Gothic was a FFY   for me .
Melanie Jones  helped me with identification of  the other two:  a very worn  Clouded Brindle
and the Wainscot we thought was probably a Common. It was about 25mm long and had a large dark spot on its lower abdomen  .

Clouded Brindle
Common Wainscot ?


  1. Well done for trapping Dai. Worn moths are a pain sometimes, so I would n`t like to offer a det from a photo for the worn wainscot. Gothic - to my mind - is very much a `thin-on-the-ground` moth in Carms.

  2. Hi Dai, the Clouded Brindle is a Slender Brindle!