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Friday, 15 July 2016

Good Timing

For once!  Last evening was mild, overcast and the wind was light, and although rain was threatened I put two actinic traps out.  The rain came just after I had closed the traps down, at 5am.  82 moths of 45 species was the tally this morning.  Nothing startling amongst the catch though, star of the show was FFY Sharp-angled Carpet:

Others worthy of mention: Eudonia delunella, Pyrausta purpuralis, Small Rivulet, and first appearances of Dingy Footman and Common Rustic (agg).  A couple of micros still to identify but they look familiar.


  1. Sharp-angled carpet: very nice record Chris...another Maenol speciality..

  2. Yes Ian, waiting for its cousin the Cloaked Carpet, due any time now. To this end the MV will be shining tonight unless the weather turns really nasty! Incidentally Sally gets these two species in Saron, not very far away.