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Monday, 4 July 2016

Good evening

The wind had dropped away, the sky was overcast and it seemed quite warm at dusk yesterday (3 July), so out went the MV trap in the garden. Surprised this morning to find only 48 moths of 28 species had visited, however. Four FFYs: July Highflyer (lol), Pinion-streaked Snout, this pretty Barred Yellow;

And, like Chris, I also had a Tricky Tortrix - I think that this may be rather easier than his, though,

could it be Hedya ochroleucana, perhaps?


  1. Steve, I had a couple like this last month, thought that they were likely to be H.pruniana. Lovely moth the Barred Yellow, I've only seen it once here, last July, hope for a reappearance this month!

  2. Yes, looks like pruniana.

  3. Thanks, Gents - much appreciated.