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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Could it be getting better?

The MV trap was deployed, as usual, in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd last night (6 July) and I was up at stupid o'clock to retrieve it before the rain began - just made it in time! The trap attracted 113 moths of 45 species, of which, 11 were FFYs. I was pleased to see three Double Lines (which seem to me to be rather late this year), as well as favourites such as Garden Tiger and Burnished Brass. Pick of the bunch, however, was probably this male Gold Swift;

Plus a couple of micros;
 The Tortricid Olindia schumacherana - new to me,

And this Brindled Plume Amblyptilia punctidactyla. 


  1. All nice stuff, Steve. The Olindia looks a cracker. All really good pics too. I was n`t expecting rain last night (or this morning) so my MV trap had a `little damping` before I got to it, but it was dry as I checked the moths, which is more important to me.

  2. PS. Just remembered - the Olindia is the tort associated with lesser celandines - one that I`ve not seen, but which I often tell myself to keep a look-out for. Well done! (and with shades of friendly jealousy!).

  3. Ian - see the Gwent Mothing Blog for a hint on looking for Olindia: wander along lanes in the early morning with a net. Good luck!