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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Another Dry Night!

Just a bit of drizzle, that's all, so I risked the MV trap and scored a century, 100 moths of 45 species. One of them was a first for Maenol, as far as I can recall:

Clouded Magpie

Other FFYs included Drinker Moth, Rosy Footman, Minor Shoulder-knot, Gold Spot, Gold Spangle, Swallow-tailed Moth and Green Silver-lines:

Small Dotted Buff and Small Rufous also turned up:

Finally one which I'm assuming must be a rather small and tatty Bright-line Brown-eye, because I can't think of an alternative with the stand-out kidney mark and slightly zig-zagged, white outer cross-line:

Alternative suggestions would be welcome because I may well be  overlooking something obvious!


  1. You`re pinching all the moths, Chris! Clouded magpie is a nice record of a local wych elm-feeder. Your last moth is a correct i/d I think.

  2. Nice moths Chris well done, you are keeping us all going with your blogs.

  3. Thank you both, one does one's little best! I was a little surprised to see a Clouded Magpie, haven't seen any Wych Elm hereabouts but there must be some hiding somewhere. Oops, a Tinia pellionella has just fluttered past as I sit in front of the PC! Just like last year, I'll have to check that tapestry for cases again.

  4. There are just over 50 previous VC44 records of Clouded Magpie, but the vast majority are in the southern half of the county, although the Rhandirmwyn Rothamstead had regular records too. Sally has caught it twice at Saron, but we don't have a previous record from Maenol. Very nice!