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Saturday, 30 July 2016

A busy night at Maenol ..

.. resulted in an entire morning occupied with emptying the two actinic traps, photographing and documenting the contents.  Nothing startling it has to be said, but nice to see FFYs Black Arches and Udea lutealis:

In fact U.lutealis may be a first for me but I haven't checked, and as the failure to remember two previous Bordered Beauties has shown, my memory is getting fragile!  Two more of this species arrived overnight but I won't post a photo, others have done so recently.

Others worthy of note were Yellow-barred Brindle and Caryocolum blandella:

I positioned a small actinic trap close to the bank where Greater Stitchwort abounds in the hope of attracting C.blandella and it seems to have worked.

Perhaps the most striking of the night's visitors was this Great Diving Beetle:

It dwarfed everything else in the trap but didn't seem to have had a mothy breakfast!

I omitted to mention the Cloaked Carpet, a little worn now, I think that their season is coming to an end.


  1. Some very nice moths there, Chris.

  2. If you catch Great Diving Beetle again its worth photographing the underside, as that makes separating the four big spp easier. Well done on the Caryocolum.

  3. Thank you Steve & Sam. I'll try to photograph the underside next time Sam, if there is a next time. Having said that the trap was only 20m from the pond and I have seen GDB there in the past. Not easy things to miss!

  4. This is why I suggest checking water beetles - I wasn't aware that there were any other large Dytiscus until I caught a Tiger:

  5. I did see the underside of my beetle and I would have noticed if it showed something unusual like the stripes on yours, Sam, they are very striking!