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Monday, 6 June 2016

Salem (apologies for the pugs)

Well I put the trap out at my parents near Salem on saturday night and the 4am start was rewarded by a very good catch as others have had. I had got up to 53 species before I'd opened the trap and ended up with over 260 moths of 80+ species. Most exciting for me as I've never caught one before was a small elephant hawk (along with elephant and poplars) but there was a good selection of others too. Best of the bunch was probably a lovely alder kitten (plus a sallow kitten), dingy shell, oblique carpet, puss moth, campion, bordered white, female fox moth, diamond-back (x15) and a few other micros including Aspilapteryx tringinpennella and Mompha locupletella. White ermines were the commonest with 17 followed by peppered with 16. I also caught a fair few pugs which I've struggled (mostly unsuccessfully) with so would appreciate some help please!
Pug 1

Pug 2

Pug 3
Pug 4
Pug 5
Pug 6 - Angle-barred?
Pug 7
Other than that I caught a cockchafer, 3 Black sexton beetles (Necrodes littoralis), a couple of soldier beetles (Cantharis rustica & Cantharis cryptica/pallida) as well as the huge stonefly Perlodes mortoni.


  1. photo of Poplar Kitten, please

  2. Pug 1 = Mottled.
    Pug 3 = Oak-tree.
    Pugs 2, 4 & 5 are *probably* Grey.
    Pug 6 does look good for Angle-barred, would be a good record I think.
    Pug 7 = Common.

    1. Brilliant, thanks very much George - I did try with them all (and suspected the common and oak-tree) but my heart still sinks when I see too many pugs in a trap! Unfortunately my ocd side hates any getting away un-identified...

  3. Yes stick with them - there aren't really too many options when you exclude rare species and those out of season.

    I think the main issue with pugs is that they are often worn when the arrive in the trap. When fresh they're a lot easier.