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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Quick post: not a lot at the allotments...

A rather hasty post - I had a couple of traps out at home last night (25/6, with some micros not yet looked at) and also two actinics at an allotment site at Llanelli. Unless one of the micros proves interesting, there is not a lot to report for both localities, though there was actually a moderate array of common seasonal moths.
Of some interest at the allotment site was a single small elephant hawk-moth, a poplar grey and the season`s first clay and lackeys.

                                 Above: the urban allotment trap site, at Bryntirion, Llanelli.
                                             Above: last night`s small elephant hawk-moth.
Above: when I saw this moth, I pursued it to see if it was a spinach (a now-rare moth which feeds on blackcurrant leaves as a caterpillar - a plant that is grown at the allotments), but unfortunately it was the superficially similar barred straw.

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