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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pyllau Cochion

The Carmarthenshire Biodiversity Partnership visited Pyllau Cochion Common yesterday and spotted a few interesting things including this Emperor Moth caterpillar and a less fortunate micro moth caught in a sundew - nature in action. Photos taken by Kate Smith at WWBIC.


  1. The crambid MAY be interesting. Note the subsidiary white spike coming off the main white blaze on the R-hand wing in the pic. C hamella has such a white mark but, more likely, it could just be due to the angle of the photo,`wear and tear` or just plain imagination. Also, the white spike looks a bit long too. A good, `side-on` photo might have quickly resolved speculation.

  2. Crambus uliginosellus also has a longer white spike coming off an extensive white blaze on the flank but to be honest, I would n`t like to offer a serious det from that photo.