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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Putting it to the test.

I've got my shiny, new generator and last night seemed an ideal opportunity to try it out. The location I selected was one I've tried before with the little actinic, without much success and I thought I might do rather better with the power of the Robinson MV trap. I set up the equipment in the rushy margin of a hay meadow at Cwmllwyd, tight up against our very wet woodland jungle that occurs alongside the Afon Meilwch.

I started proceedings at 22:00 and immediately and unsurprisingly, lots of Clouded Borders and Silver-ground Carpets came out of the meadow to investigate. Satisfied that the setup was functioning correctly, I took the dogs back home at 22:30, finally returning to the trap at 01:30 this morning (19 June). Rain was expected this morning and I did not want the water resistance of the generator to be tested.

82 moths of 29 species were captured in the three and a half hours that the trap was running - not exceptional, but very much better than previously achieved, so I'm quite happy with the result. There were 6 FFYs and the most interesting are shown below.

 Ghost Moth

 Map-winged Swifts

Four-dotted Footman

Unfortunately, I don't think that this old man will be able to lug all this equipment up to Carn Cennen; I am just hoping that the power of the MV will persuade some of the upland specials to come down to slightly lower slopes - we will have to wait and see.


  1. Great photo's Steve and very well done for catching good moths

  2. Buy a pack-horse or a camel, Steve?!
    Seriously, well done again. I had my MV out last night (at home) and two actinics at a local allotment. Drenching thick fine drizzle at first light - the traps were fine but I got wet! No particularly interesting moths though.

  3. A pack-horse, you say? We used to have a rescued donkey here, but he deliberately died in his mid-forties to avoid having to hike up the mountain. His name was Ned, except on Sundays, when he used his posh name, Sir Nedward Donkington. Thanks, both, for your comments.

  4. The two Ronnie's of the moth world.

  5. Ronnie Biggs and Ronnie Kray, perhaps?